Astrid Frissen

Astrid Frissen

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Astoja Coaching & Management BV
Kruisdonk 66
6222 PH Kruisdonk
+31 (0)43 8700099

Astrid’s profiel


In 1997 I got my masters degree in Business Economics and started working in an international auditing company. After af few years I changed and worked in an international University for over 15 years. Starting as a financial controller, I became a teamleader and manager of research. I learned about human resources, order management, public relations and communication, ICT, risk management, facility management etc. I learned about organisational politics and leadership by values. It was a dynamic and challenging environment, that I left to discover a new field of work: managing primary and secondary education. At the same time I started and completed a 2 year education and also became a mastercoach.  With several more years of leadership-experience since then, my coaching-business grew. I decided to dedicate myself fulltime to combining my passion for business-management and leadership-coaching to help others in their leadership-development. Since 2019 I am proud to be an independent professional leadershipcoach, trainer and interim-manager who can support individuals and teams in their development.


Business, Leadership/ Executive, Organisation, Performance en Team


Leadership, Personal and Professional Development en Personal Leadership


Do you work harder and longer every day? And are you are worried about your teams progress to keep up with the demands of your customers? Leadership is a continious challenge that you usually enjoy. But sometimes the number of worries and extra hours weigh heavy on you. Working harder and following more educational programmes is not the solution any more. Finding the right coach with leadership experience and a sense of humor could be your best step forward. Well then...congratulations to you! You made it this far and with just one e-mail you can find out if my experience and professional support can help you too. Will I hear from you?


Dutch en English

Experience Levels

Medior en Senior


100,- to 150,- Euro per hour


NOBCO (The Dutch Association of Professional Coaches)



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