Jennifer Monon

Jennifer Monon

Niveau I eCoach

Advisor, Career professional, Coach, HR-professional, Mentor en Trainer


Monon Executive Consulting
c/o MEC
1077 Amsterdam

Jennifer’s profiel


I have over 35 years of experience in the Corporate world holding positions as far ranging as Applications Engineer, Managing Consultant and HR Director. I have lived and worked in the US, UK and NL. I am currently the Chair of the Commercial Anglo Dutch Society. Since 2018 I have been running my own coaching and consulting practice, Monon Executive Consulting, based in Amsterdam, but working across Europe and the UK.


Career, Leadership/ Executive, Organisation, Performance en Personal/Life


Assertiveness, Authenticity, Burn-out Prevention, Business and Talent Transformation, Career, Career coaching, Career Development, Career transition, Communication Skills, Effective Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional intelligence, Executive and Leadership Coaching, Executive Coaching, Executive Presence, High Potential Coaching, Intra- and interpersonal leadership skills, Leadership coaching, Managerial Coaching Skills, Performance Development, Personal and Professional Development, Purpose, Self-awareness, Talent Management en Work-Life Balance


I do offer face to face sessions with clients, but more recently I am delivering my coaching services through eCoaching. The virtual coaching environment and the pattern of working asynchronously means both parties can focus, communicate, and work together effectively, at the same time as living our busy lives. Coaching with me will offer the possibility to us co-creating a trusting relationship, where we will build a safe and secure environment; enabling you to do powerful role-related work, blended with personal exploration of identity, values and self-development.


My extensive interaction with senior business leaders in my international career means that I understand how difficult, personal transformation can be, however with my friendly and warm style, clients will quickly feel at ease. I am lively and can be both bold and challenging; I ‘’dare people to develop”. I have a lifelong curiosity as to what people do and why they do it. I am genuinely empathetic, and will offer my clients creative insights on where change might be required for an individual. Sessions with me will often focus on what happens in the relationship between the coach and client in our coaching, as I believe that often patterns and behaviours that emerge in our interactions provide rich data on what is happening for the client elsewhere. I also use a systemic viewpoint to explore with the client how they interact with the organisations that they are a part of, as this can also be quite illuminating for the client. Through coaching with me, executives will start their journey towards profound and lasting change. Substantiated by leading academic education in executive coaching, I ensure clients are both supported and empowered to achieve their coaching strategies.



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