Jessica Slijkhuis

Jessica Slijkhuis

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Slijkhuis Leadership & Learning
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Leadership/ Executive, Organisation, Performance en Team


Authenticity, Change Processes, Communication Skills, Cross-cultural Leadership, Team Building, Executive Coaching & Training, Leadership Development en Leadership development


Please check my website, for information on me, my experience and my way of working.


Dear reader, I primarily focus on developing authentic leadership: honest, value - driven and effective. Leadership in the most flexible sense: personal leadership as well as leading others or with others. Not only in a hierarchical relationship as manager, teacher or parent, but also as colleague, partner or co-leader. Just like humus is a nutrient in growing trees and plants, awareness is the foundation of human growth. Awareness is the soil on which effective inner and outer leadership can flourish. It’s up to you what you want to sow and reap. Together we will look at where pruning might be necessary and we will highlight what is already blossoming. My coaching and training are focused on helping you explore your own strengths, deepen your awareness and mobilize yourself. And it is focused on what is needed to reach your (organizational) goals and to unleash your full authentic leadership potential. To do so, I fully exploit my core values: playful curiosity, attentive presence, robust vulnerability and result orientation, as well as my ability to constantly see things from different perspectives and (cultural) contexts. Many of my clients are senior leaders or high potentials from all over the world, working in international profit or non-profit organizations. They have as much hunger to learn as I have and are willing to push for sustainable behavioural transformation. Of themselves and of those they lead. These customers describe me as empathic, open, sparkling, intuitive, bold and astute.

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