Mark Cavallo

Mark Cavallo

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Senior Coach & Trainer



Assertiveness, Burn-out Prevention, Business Coaching, Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Executive and Leadership Coaching, Leadership, Leadership coaching, Leadership Training, Mindset, Personal Development, Purpose, Stress en Time Management


Mark has been creating leadership and personal development programmes for corporates since 2019. He specialises in high potentials, young professionals and young talent (23-35). Through a mix of blended group learning and one on one coaching, he guides clients through their own change and growth process and helps them align their values and goals with those of their employers and peers. Mark develops experiential workshops for teams and groups either within a longer-term L&D programme, or as one-offs. The central themes are generally around self awareness, leading self and others, conflict, biases and empathy. The workshops are high-energy, incorporate as much embodiment as possible, and are anything but boring. Fun is central to mark's learning philosophy. In his 1 on 1 coaching practise, Mark generally works with senior (45+) clients on recalibrating and refocussing their life and career. Whatever the client's age, the stories and themes that surface are familiar and common to most; uncertainty, fear, indecisiveness, perfectionism, purpose, unfulfilled desiers and grief. He has worked with and for multinationals and has set up several businesses from his late 20s. Mark incorporates neuroscience, embodiment and philosophy in his work. The unfiltered human connection is what keeps mark motivated and dedicated to working with his clients to achieve their own goals or intentions. Words clients use to describe Mark include intuitive, direct, empathetic, trustworthy, unconventional and open minded.


Dutch en English


, 150,- to 200,- Euro per hour, VAT exempt, Discount for private en Discount for non-profit




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