Angelos  Derlopas

Angelos Derlopas

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Coach, Mentor en Trainer

Positivity Coaching
Korai 12
15341 Agia Paraskevi, Athens

Angelos ’s profiel


Angelos Derlopas is a Master Certified Coach (ICF MCC) and an Accredited Coach Supervisor (EMCC ESIA) with three decades of business experience, 20,000 hours coaching experience, clients in 100 countries, conference presenter in 3 continents. Academic studies include an MBA and a MSc in Psychology. Book author and editor. Author and director of ICF ACTP accredited coaching training program. Subject matter-expert in ICF Global for both the Core Coaching Competencies and the Team Coaching Competencies. Husband, father and philanthropist. «I’m passionate about coaching and all things that help us become more creative, more purposeful and live more authentic lives. I love meeting new people and have conversations that will value diversity as an invitation for exploration of different mindsets and the richness of cultures. I find it fascinating to support leaders and teams to grow and become self aware entities that change the way they relate and communicate in order to create a container that lets their authentic presence surface and flourish." Angelos is a: -ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC), -EMCC Global Supervision Individual Award (ESIA), -Certified Mentor Coach (CMC), -Team Coaching Certification (TCI), -Team Coach Supervisor (AHA/CSA), -ICF Certified Assessor, -Accredited Coach Supervisor (CSA), -Certified Everything DiSC Trainer (Wiley), -Certified eCoachPro Level II, and member of: -Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), -Member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), -Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS). Current clients include C-suite, VPs, First Line managers of multinationals in sectors like Pharma and IT, also executives e.g. from production like Philip Morris International, or food chains like Ahold Delhaize or managers and senior/top leaders from international not for profit organisations. Angelos coaching style is: To coach executives & teams through developmental dialogue to make shifts so their authentic presence will emerge & flourish. Angelos does this by holding a safe space for the client to enable self reflection and free expression and share difficult questions as invitations for exploration of the potential ahead. Angelos values in coaching include clarity, diversity, intention and action.


Business, Leadership/ Executive en Team


Business Development, Conflict Management, Conflicts on the Work Floor, Cross-cultural Leadership, Team Building, Executive Coaching & Training, Executive and Leadership Coaching, Executive Coach, Facilitator & Consultant, Leadership Development, Managerial Coaching Skills, Positive Psychology, Team Coaching en Team management Change management and leading in a fast-changing environment


Angelos is a Leadership coach with over 30 years of business experience. Having recorded a successful career as executive in several industries, he founded ‘Positivity Coaching’ to offer high-level Professional Coaching services and education to the market. He is the author of ICF ACTP accredited coaching training program and several ICF CCE ones. Angelos led a team of professionals who designed an educational coaching program at the National Centre of Public Administration and thus introduced coaching to the Greek public sector for the first time. He is a past president of the ICF Greece Chapter, a board member for five years, has served in international committees and judge panels and is currently serving as subject matter expert in ICF Global Job Analysis Task Force. Before becoming a coach he worked as executive in various industries (Construction, FMCG, Services, Wholesale).


In my work, I bring together my experience as a coach and also as a manager. I challenge people in being more consistent in their process of becoming more of who they are; to meet fully and freely their own potential. What is the purpose of being purposeful? It’s not only about performance; it’s about the relevance of the performance. There are different levels and different levers that I am connecting. And I am bringing these levers into my practice.


English en Greek


More than 200,- Euro per hour en Discount for non-profit


EMCC Global (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) en ICF (International Coach Federation)



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