Viviana Siclari

Viviana Siclari

Niveau II eCoach


21, rue Glesener
1631 Luxembourg
+352 671 012 577

Viviana’s profiel


Viviana's extensive experience has exposed her to a variety of work environments and cultures. She has worked with nationalities from all over the world and with people from different backgrounds: experts, politicians, CEOs, European officials and international organizations. Viviana works in four languages - English, French, German and Italian - drawing on her experience in European policy consulting, communication and coaching, as well as her expertise in the fields of banking, energy and environment. A strong believer in the power of gender and talent diversity and inclusion, Viviana co-founded the European Investment Bank's Women's Network and has supported women's empowerment activities in a number of other circles. Viviana is an EMCC accredited senior practitioner, a certified professional coach, and an e-coach. She is also certified as an Enneagram practitioner and a DISC and Driving Forces practitioner.


Career, Leadership/ Executive en Team


Assertiveness, Career Development, Effective Communication, Leadership Development, Management en Self-awareness


Viviana is a leadership and career coach and a soft skills trainer with a consultancy, communication and EU institutions' expertise. She designs coaching programs and delivers customized in-house training in a number of areas, including leadership and management, self-awareness, resilience and communication. She works with individuals, teams and groups. Her clients report increased self-awareness, a greater ability to see different perspectives and find creative solutions to thrive in complex environments.


English, French, German en Italian


Rates on request


EMCC Global (European Mentoring and Coaching Council)

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