Jocelyne Rase

Jocelyne Rase

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, Business counselor, Career professional, Coach, HR-professional, Psychologist en Trainer

21 rue du grand plateau
6230 Pont a Celles

Jocelyne’s profiel


I have extensive experience in setting up and managing HR projects and L&D initiatives as well as coaching in international organisations, both in the private sector in a variety of industries (healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial, sales, industrial, etc.) and in public administrations (Governmental agencies, European Commission, United Nations, OECD, etc) in Europe, UK, USA, South Africa, & Asia. I have done numerous assessment and development centers to assess and prepare executives for the next step of their career.


, Business, Career, Leadership/ Executive, Performance en Personal/Life


Anatomy, Assertiveness, Burnout, Business Coaching, Business Development, Career, Career coaching, Change, Communication, Communication Skills, Cross-cultural management, Effective Communication, Executive and Leadership Coaching, Executive Coach, Facilitator & Consultant, Executive Coaching, Facilitation Skills, High Potential Coaching, Intercultural Management, Leadership coaching, Leadership development, Leadership Training, Leading Multicultural Teams, Management and Leadership, Managerial Coaching Skills, Performance Development, Performance Effectiveness en Women's professional progress


I am a Belgian business psychologist (University of Louvain - UCL) with more than 20 years of experience of Executive Coaching, Training, and Career counselling in international organisations. I lived and worked in NY, USA for many years, where I completed a Certification in Human Resources and Coaching at NY University - with the Society of HR Management - SHRM.


Working Smarter Not Harder is a more than a brand name; it is a philosophy. It means taking the time to step back from day to day operations in order to reflect on HOW we work, as much as we focus on WHAT we do. Are we getting the full return on investment for the efforts, the time and the energy we spend? This approach is essential in times of change, if we want to avoid excessive pressure and maintain an optimal level of performance on the long term. My interventions address mostly multi-cultural experts or managers with a high level of scientific or technical expertise, who are facing transitions such as promotions, mergers or acquisitions, re-organisations, new challenges, new projects, as well as managing and leading new teams in a matrix environment. I propose to accompany them so they can fully comprehend the requirements of the new role, and truly meet the challenges of the next step in their career, in a much lighter manner – with more ease and less unnecessary efforts.


English en French

Experience Levels



, 150,- to 200,- Euro per hour, Discount for private, Discount for non-profit en Rates on request




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