E-coaching: Theory and practice for a new online approach to coaching.

Book E-coachingIn a rapidly moving world where so many of our day-to-day activities are now online, it has become essential to adapt coaching processes in order to better suit clients’ circumstances and needs. Above all, clients want sustainable and time-efficient results. Electronic coaching (e-coaching) is an inevitable development for every professional who coaches, mentors, teaches, supervises, guides or helps people in their jobs. 

The book is underpinned by a theoretical framework that introduces a new model of people development (the ABC model), inspired by Graham Alexander’s GROW model, and a new text-based coaching method inspired by Brown and Levinson’s politeness theory. E-coaching is practical in its approach, with explanations on safeguarding the security and privacy of your clients, how to calculate rates, managing expectations and other important aspects of coaching online.

The first English-language text available on e-coaching, this book presents a unique combined approach of method and technique, supplemented with a sample e-coaching programme. It is a must-read for all coaches, mentors, supervisors, teachers or HR professionals who want to coach in a modern way, as well as students studying on coaching courses.

E-coaching: Theory and practice for a new online approach to coaching

  • Anne Ribbers en Alexander Waringa
  • Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group)
  • Paperback $ 59.95 
  • Hardback $160.00

You can order via Amazon: E-coaching 

Editorial Reviews

“This is a terrific book. It is an extremely comprehensive guide to all aspects of every type of E-coaching. It is a must for anyone interested in e-Coaching and indeed has a lot to teach all coaches in any field.”

Graham Alexander, Founder and Chairman of The Alexander Partnership, originator of the GROW model, and author of SuperCoaching and Tales from the Top 

“This comprehensive book defines and documents e-coaching such that coaches and clients can understand the multitude modes for interaction. The ABC model stages of analyze, internalize and sustain are practical and useful for all coaches.”

Dr. Vikki G. Brock, Master Certified Coach (ICF), international speaker, and author of Sourcebook of Coaching History

“E-coaching is becoming an increasingly important performance and developmental tool for both individuals and organizations. This well-grounded book addresses a timely issue - how to coach using a range of distance e-technologies. Insightful, informative and highly practical – this is a great addition to every coach’s bookshelf.”

Anthony Grant (PhD), Associate Professor, Director Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Sydney, and co-author of Evidence Based Coaching Handbook: Putting Best Practices to Work for Your Clients. 

“E-coaching breaks new ground in offering coaches a detailed coverage of phone and internet based coaching. The authors provide a rich collection of research, personal insights and tips to help the experienced practitioner, as well as the new coach reflect on their practice.”

Prof Jonathan Passmore, University of Evora, Portugal & Managing Director Embrion: developing high performance cultures

“E-Coaching is an innovative approach for making coaching more accessible to a wider audience through the use of online text based media. The emphasis is on how to use language effectively in online communication and is therefore an invaluable resource for both coaches and clients… This is a recommended read for those wishing to take advantage of the opportunities emerging from globalization and who want to offer a valuable addition to face-to-face coaching practice.”

Dr Lise Lewis, EMCC Master Practitioner, EMCC international President, Managing Director of Bluesky International, provider of EMCC accredited training for Coaches, Mentors and Coach Supervisors

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