This is the international register of eCoaches and eCounselors1 who work with the principles of the ABC-model2, the UNLOQ-methodology3 and the three basic principles of online guidance (or another by the Registry approved methodology)4.

The register has three objectives:

  • The visualization of high-quality professionals in the field of online guidance;
  • Stimulating the ongoing professionalization of the certified eCoaches & eCounselors.
  • Maintaining the use of the labels 'Certified eCoach' & 'Certified eCounselor'.

Three different levels

Guiding people online is a profession where specific knowledge and skills are required. A professional coach or counselor who meets standards of the Competence Framework pdfto effectively perform and apply online guidance can be included in the International eCoach & eCounselor Register. These are professionals who have achieved the label 'Certified eCoach' or 'Certified eCounselor’. All professionals and counselors with this certification have proven knowledge, understanding and experience with the ABC-model, three basic principles and UNLOQ-methodology. Also, they are aware of the ethical issues implied by the profession of online guidance. The degree of training and amount of experience determines the "level" of the profession as a counselor or coach. The level is displayed by the hallmark.

The different Certified eCoach & eCounselor Levels are:

1) Level I: ePractitioner

This level implies a professional counselor or coach who understands the ABC-model and UNLOQ-methodology and is able to apply the online guidance principles as a supplement to face-to-face conversations (hybrid counseling, a combination of online and offline support).

2) Level II: eSenior

This level implies a professional counselor or coach who is trained to design and supervise both hybrid and fully online coaching programs. The professional coach knows how to adequately integrate the ABC-model and UNLOQ-methodology (and/ or other approved methodology) in their daily coaching practice and can work with a safe and secure online coaching environment. The eSenior has executed online coaching programs under supervision.

3) Level III: eMaster

This level implies highly experienced professional coaches with extensive experience in online coaching programs (e-coaching) using the ABC-model, the UNLOQ-methodology (and/ or other approved methodology) and working with a safe and secure online environment for coaching. In addition to running (e)-coaching programs, these professional coaches are involved with the development of training programs, providing training and/or offering supervision in the field of online guidance. The eMaster is aware of the latest technical developments concerning online counseling.


Would you like more information on the 'Competence Framework of Online counselors and e-Coaches' and the conditions for inclusion in the Register? Contact us via this contact form.

  1. 1. Psychologist, therapist, physician, physiotherapist, social worker, dietician, counselor etc.
  2. 2. Accelerated Behavioral Change Model (ABC-model) shows how actual changes in behavior and other objectives are achieved in an accelerated way.
  3. 3. UNLOQ methodology is a method to effectively construct the online communication of the coach or counselor and to analyze the written message of the client in a structured way.
  4. 4. Asynchronicity, Social Anonymity and Online Writing are three basic pillars of online guidance.
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