Nadežda Đorđević

Nadežda Đorđević

Level I eCoach

11000 Belgrade

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Career, Mental Health, Performance, Personal/Life, and Team


Business and Talent Transformation, Business Coaching, Career coaching, Career Development, Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership coaching, Personal and Professional Development, Resilience, Self esteem, Stress, and Team Coaching


Nadežda Đorđević is a psychologist with education and experience in psychotherapy, a professional coach, and certified scrum master with five years of experience in the role of an HR consultant. She worked with different organizations helping them how to use people’s talents in reaching the company’s goals. She has completed professional coaching PwC BCD training recognized by ICF and EMCC and worked with managers as well as with a variety of teams on the development of their potential. The principle she follows and advocates is accountability to herself and others. As an ambitious and responsible individual, she’s been often recognized by the people she collaborated with. Her distinctive features are her dedication and ability to implement coaching tools and methods that lead to substantial personal and professional growth. Her approach to work is integrative, concentrating on the positive aspects of personality and encouraging the development of individuals’ potential. Personal growth and development represent learning based on one’s own experience, on the acquisition of skills necessary to cope better with interpersonal relationships and the career. In addition to the interests mentioned, Nadežda has always been interested in art and finds psychology at the intersection between art, science, philosophy, and skill.


Croatian, English, and Serbian


50,- to 100,- Euro per hour


EMCC Global (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) and ICF (International Coach Federation)

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